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This game is great!  I love the storytelling given by the various items, and figuring out each candle was an interesting process.  Awesome job!

Adorable yet deeply disturbing-- my favorite! 

Ah! I watched this  earlier today.  Thanks so much for playing, your reactions were priceless!

Why do I find this as a inverse of The Binding Of Issac lmao

seriously tho, the game is very funny, vey charming, and overall a great short 5 min bitsy puzzle game haha 

thought it would be much darker from the title screen and warnings but it was still extremely fun to play thru

bugs i found: hard mode is effectively impossible since if you collect all items it says you have -1 items left and the candles wont let you i tried twice

also i had to restart a playthrough due to not knowing that the box in the summoning rooms reset your items and i was stuck with two needles and -2 tries

This is great feedback. I'll investigate those bugs! I'm debating getting rid of hard mode entirely.

Great job on this! There's a lot more to it than other Bitsy games I've played.

Awesome game! I love the style of an old 2600 game, and its humor is really well done. If I had any complaints, it'd just be that there isn't a sound for progressing through text boxes, but that's more of something I'd personally like than anything else. Maybe low atmospheric rumbling, or the sounds of a bitcrushed storm? Either way, awesome game, and I can't wait to see more from you!

Thanks so much! The engine I’m currently working in doesn’t support sound without mods, but I’m definitely building the coding confidence/skill to do more in the future!